So just thought I’d post a picture of my studio. ….


But that’s a cafe!   Yes, indeed. This is where I end up doing the majority of my work, both stitching and writing.   My little one tends to fall asleep in the car and if I’m too far away from home he doesn’t necessarily transfer to the bed.  So we go to the nearest shops and park ourselves in a cafe.  He has always slept better out than at home too, so whilst this means that I don’t get to sleep, I do get some time to create. Which is just as important sometimes.

Here I’ve finished the trio of new “flags” for a necklace.  Just need to finish them.



It’s taken me months to finish this plain weave scarf with some brooks lace at the ends. It is a present for the lovely woman who gifted us her time and photographic skill earlier this year.  We now have beautiful photos of our little family.

I wanted to make her something because I know she appreciates the time and effort that goes into something hand made.  But I didn’t realise that I would have so little time to craft with a 2 and 1/2 year old developing at his own, very fast, pace!

I also had always thought of weaving as a quiet craft. But guess what?! It’s terribly noisy!  For weeks I tried to do some work on this while he slept but every time the clatter of the heddle locking into place would wake him up.

So it’s taken a long time….I hope she likes it.

Oh…it’s mainly linen yarn with a couple of strands of merino in the weft.  It was the first time I’ve worked with linen and I really liked it.  The yarn itself was spun pretty loosely, was thick and thin and had a few soft tufts in it.   I have always thought of linen yarn as being incredibly fine and smooth. I wonder why that is?








Today I finished a little painting for my son. I began it two years ago. It’s not a masterpiece but luckily he won’t care.


Here it was…almost finished…it needed something more…


Here is a bottle of violet ink that was begging to be cracked open yesterday…..


Here’s the beautiful glass pen that I’ve not practiced enough with.  On the page is my “practice” for the painting. (There’s not much time for the luxury of practice and I did want to get it done before he grows up)



Sure…I can do calligraphy!



Obviously I can’t do calligraphy.  But I like it all the same. :)

I’ve started another lace cuff. This time using cardboard covered with contact as a backing.  So far, the positive is that the needle, never catches. The negative is that I find it more difficult to hold.

This is one is inspired by rock pools.  It has a ways to go yet.



Oh…another negative…it’s quite hard to get a nice photo with air bubbles in the plastic.


I’m happy with these prayer flag necklaces I’m dreaming up.  I’m learning how to use the jewellery pliers too….and not ruin sterling silver findings.

I ‘m a little bit chirpy because one of my pendants was included in a lovely collection of items over at the Australian Wandarrah team page on Etsy.    The team itself has been great…any member that I’ve been I contact with has been really helpful and not at all put off by my newbieness.


Incase you don’t make it to page 5, the one they chose to include was this one:




Have you seen the video doing the rounds on Facebook about the disconnection that can occur through social media? 

I found it quite moving and it got me thinking. 

I occasionally find people have linked to really interesting articles on Facebook but I do have to wade through a lot of vapid and fairly brain numbing posts to find them.  Yet I , like most people I expect, get caught up in the trashy posts as well as the intelligent ones. 

I also really dislike the hurried atmosphere of Facebook; the pressure to respond immediately and then to check on what others have said before responding again….not to mention the conversations in the real world that begin with ” Did you see….post on Facebook….” 

In contrast, blogging, which used to feel so immediate, feels so slow now….and that’s the way I like it!  I also like the little niche alcoves you can find in blogland; people who are exploring the same interests as you and sharing their thoughts, skills and work.  It feels more intimate and supportive…even if you never meet these people you do genuinely share a love of something. 

So I think I’ll be trying to do less face booking and more blogging!  Even if nobody reads my blog it’s still a great way to record my creative explorations. 


And and so this post begins with my latest exploration….pin looms! 











I whipped this up in an hour at a cafe table while my son slept. Needless to say it’s another “don’t look too closely project”. But I’m sure the little girl it’s intended for will love it.  Makes me think of doing more…maybe with real felt.  My son liked the  felt in the craft shop and picked out an orange and blue combo, so I’ll make him a crown too. But I think I’d love to do some super duper embroidered crowns on beautiful woollen felt.




I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  This one is for me but I’ll definitely be making some more. I have used little seed pearls for buttons, which I like very much.

I need to practice my bars a bit and neaten up my stitches. But overall, I’m happy.


Pulling gently…hooray!  No stitches had gone through the base fabric when I wasn’t looking. It all came away pretty cleanly.


Today I’ve taken advantage of the break in the weather to block it using some home made starch. I found this recipe online and added some inessence harmony essential oil.

I tried to find my unmarkable mat, but it’s been packed away somewhere, so I improvised with a some baking paper over a towel.  I liked it because you could press into it to give some of the pieces a three dimensional shape.


Starched some other little shapes as well. The two dark blue ones at the bottom are the ones I’ve moulded into a depression in the towel. I hope they turn out.

Wow…I had Mahler’s symphony no.1 playing….way too heavy for lace making. I’ve swapped it for a beautiful Jaqueline Du Pre’ cd.


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