So no luck with Artist’s lane yet. But I received a nice letter saying that I could try again. I’m taking that as a “almost win”.

I’ve been working in my sketchbook on a drawing of my son…almost finished.

Big news! I’ve sent off a submission to the Artist’s Lane company to see if they will accept my art.  I do hope so. These are the three samples that I hope came through with my submission…though I think there may have been a computer hiccup and it only logged this website!  Let’s hope they find them.

This year I had planned to study.  Originally I had planned to study psychology with the view to becoming a school counsellor. It was a finacially based decision that would have relied upon getting a distinction average and being accepted into a scholarship program, which last year promsied a pay packet for study in return for a contract. Well, long story short, the program changed its requirements and I withdrew….and what a relief that was!

Now I have been able to finally make a stronger committment to both my writing practice (which I already have a degree in) and my art practice. So more work, and more fun!

So just for fun, and to help keep me motivated and learning, I have enrolled in Sketchbook school!  It’s a totally different sketching style to what I am used to and it’s so much fun.

Here’s my blind contour drawing.  When my husband saw it appear on our computer he said “That’s a good idea, we should save some of his (our 6 year old’s) drawings.

blind contour


Its my boot, by the way.

In 2016 I took part in the Colour Me Positve journal challenge, and I got so much from it including new techniques and creative discipline. I fell off the wagon last year but and hoping to do it again this year…but it’s changed slightly and is now being run from the Colour me positive blog

Now this just happens to be a WordPress blog, so it is super easy for me and I hope it might get me blogging again!

So here is my first journal page for 2018.


I feel a little lucky. A local cafe rang me on Thursday to see if I could fill a gap and provide artwork for their walls.  On Friday afternoon I hung pictures with my 5 year old helper, who was very patient and got a caramel milkshake out of it. It would be really lovely if a couple sold; lovely and helpful!  

Here’s a sample. They are all mixed media. I wonder if I should watermark the images? 

What do you do when you go out to a cafe with your peerless watercolours and forget your aquabrush?  Use the Serviette  and go with the bluntish textured marks it makes. 

Luckily I also had some pens. I worked on a page that also had a print on it.  Might do some more when I get home. 


When I began this blog, some years ago, it was dedicated to knitting, then I added some embroidery and later some weaving. I inserted a few drawings and more recently I’ve shared some of my mixed media!  I still knit, weave and embroider, but what do you know, I’ve developed!

The blog has languished while I’ve looked after my newborn son. But through some miraculous time warp, my child is now 5 years old!  I have time to resurrect my blog!

I think it will look a bit different though. It may include some hybrid creations like the one for this post: a journal page…newly created but including a little piece of my old embroidery.

So Happy New Year to me and to you! May we continue to develop.🌼

imageMy husband took my son out yesterday and when they returned my son asked, “Have you made a fabulous painting today?”  Such a sweet thing to hear!

Turns out I had made him a birthday card. (It’s his birthday today).

I had an old gelli print, which was kind of a sketch of my son holding up one of his Lego creations.  Here it is!

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Yes, I got rid of the owl!  I redid the sky and added a pirate ship, because he loves pirates and Peter Pan.  I love this painting because it has so many links to who my son is at this age.  He loves it too…but still wanted more items included.  I think he might have to be satisfied with this though.

So I thought I’d paint a mixed media picture for my son, and I thought I’d get some input….after all it will hang in his room and I hope he’ll like it.  Turns out he’s got very specific ideas at the age of 3 and 1/2. So far he’s liked pretty much everything I’ve done, he’s just made suggestions on thing to add in…like his fire engine.


And so I’ve come up with this but….guess what ? He doesn’t like the owl!  Now it’s not finished yet…but he’s adamant that there is to be no owl. It’s too scary.

So I’m thinking of chopping it square and keeping it focused on the boy (my son) in the tent.


Minus the owl’s tail of course.


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