When I was a little child I had a book -actually I was a lucky child and had more than one, but we are only concerned with one book today.  This book was called “Make and Do”.  I’m pretty sure it had a picture of a maccaroni necklace on the cover.  That in itself should describe the book’s artistic aspirations.  Never-the-less it was one of my favourite books.  It kept me company whilst the adults were busy participating in their adult life.  It kept me “out of trouble’. 

These days I am still  kept “out of trouble” by my attempts to make and do.  Only now I am not getting out of my mother’s way, but rather I am finding a way out of my entangled mind.   Making something, (anything really –  so long as it requires thoughtfulness and physical activity), removes me from worries and allows me to re-open my internalised “Make and Do’ book.

I usually don’t leave my sketch book lying around for just anyone to see.  Its exposure is usally limited to those I know will give me a postive reponse – my partner and my sister.  But today I bought some expensive paper from which to make some artists trading cards.  I joined a swap!  Oh my God!  Someone else will not only see my picture but will own it!  This is very exciting!