Mother in back yard

So today I’ve got some free time to post.  Good news. Bad news – I’ve got nothing of substance in my brain to post about!  So I thought I’d just come up with a plan to poke and prod some substance in there. 

Firstly:  Do some exercise!  yep.. I’ve done it.  Bizzarely stretching and dancing in my living room until I broke a sweat.

Secondly: Make preserved lemons. Done.  Very easy.  Very nice to look forward to.

Third: Start posting.  Amazingly, in doing just those two things, I found myself with something to post about.  A thought cropped up as I wondered what to do.  In wondering what to write about I found that my task today was to wonder.  So the rest of the plan is as follows.

Fouth: Take a walk by the ocean. Imagine all the people across it.  You may even be across it. Look at the clifftop and contemplate its’ life.  Its’ time here, on earth, way before any of us existed.  Contemplate the fact that we do exist.  The great paradox- that we all matter, as individuals and as a collective, and yet none of us matter any more than the other.  Am I getting some substance yet?

Fifth: Complete card no. 2 of the Artists trading swap.  I’ve really got to get going on this. I wanted to have the 3 required for the swap done by the end of this month so I could send them off with plently of time to cope with the postal service. I’ve planned to do  mixed media cards.  So they are begun with a watercolour wash.  Then a bit of ink drawing.  Then some stitched embroidery to embelish.

Sixth:   ????? I’m not sure.  Could be some crafting; working on that big cross stitch project, or on the weird cushion, or on something else entirely.

 After all… you can’t plan creativity out of existence can you?

Oh.. and in between that … I know there will be some housework etc.  In fact I just heard the washing machine stop.  Time to put out the clothes!