Today was a great day.  I managed to do a lot of things I had planned on the last blog – this time without trying.  I finished my ATC’s. Here they are:Sping Has Sprung - hand   Well.. here one is. I  don’t know why I can’t get the others up. Maybe another time.

Also…big news. My knitting loom arrived from Markman Looms  It took a long while to get here but I am so glad it did.  It’s beautiful.

And then… for the big suprise.  I am a winner! Truly!  I won one of Manda’s contests from Knitting Psychos . A beautiful skein of yarn is coming my way and I couldn’t be more excited.  We don’t get very much sock yarn here.  And what we do get is pretty limited.  I am thrilled.  It’s the first thing I’ve won since I was 7 years old  – I won a set of drinking glasses on a chocolate wheel at a school fete`.  My Mum liked the glasses. This was in the 70’s and they had a bold orange print of… oranges… on them.