Not ‘sick of trying”; not “sick and tired”; not “too sick to try” nor “tired try-hard’… well, maybe “tired try-hard”.  Certainly I do try hard and today I’m tired.  I’m also a bit sick, which perhaps explains the nonsense spilling out of my brain. 

But, though I have no pictures to speak of I have images running around in my brain.  I had a dream last night in which I had started a story on this blog, as a page.  Sort of a continuing selection of short stories or prose with yarns or threads linking them.  I might try it.  We’ll see.  Could crash and burn. But, since it’s a blog and no-body knows me, and possibly not many people read me (or it)…why not try, eh?

Now in terms of crafty updates:

  • I’ve finished knitting the fair isle cushion cover but I can’t afford a pillow insert until next week, so I haven’t had the motivation to sew it up yet.  That will probably happen next week and then I’ll have a pretty picture of that.
  • I’ve started a new stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday – detached chain stitch – which I, well…don’t like so well.  Perhaps I’m not dexterous enough for this one. Or perhaps it’s harder than I thought to embroider a felted bowl.Embroidered bowl  - detached chain stitch
  • I’ve started a new cushion cover (I may not have mentioned that we are in dire need of cushion covers as the ones we have now are falling apart – a shame really as they were lovely ones that my sister-in law gave me a few years ago – but now they are in a sorry, well – worn shape with threads bubbled up and beads falling off  – I’m saving the beads, thrifty person that I am)  The cushion cover is made from left over yarn from two jumpers, mine and my partners.  So it will be a true cuddle cushion though it may end up that the concept is better than the yarn combination. But I can live with a good concept.
  • And I’m still working on “that” cross stitch.  It feels like I will be for the rest of my life!
  • I’ve sent off my ATC’s and I hope they reach their destination on time!  I’ve allowed two weeks but they’ve got to travel around the other side of the world. Will I be blacklisted if they don’t arrive on time?  Will this be the final curtain on my ATC experience?