It’s me versus the housework again I’m afraid.  Or at least that’s my procrastination excuse for today.  I did managed to do the next Take a Stich Tuesday stitch. (Detached chaing stitch) I have managed to work on my cross-stitch a litte. I did think about starting a webring for knitters/stitchers who just happen not to be mothers.  But then thought better of it. I have managed to start a little hat with left over sock yarn… I did say a little hat….. on my train ride to the city yesterday.  It’s the first time I’ve used dangly stitch markers instead of little plastic rings and I’m a convert,  even though they were just the freebie ones from Simply Knitting magazine.  Still, they were heavy enough to keep the stitch marker in the right place, and they were pretty.  I might have to make myself some.  I am a bit of a compulsive knitting and stitching magazine buyer. I find that they calm me down.  It’s weird.  Even the ones that aren’t so great.  One of my favourites is Yarn.  It’s an Australian magazine and has really intelligent articles in it with pretty unique graphics I think.

I gathered a collection of shell bits and pieces that I might use in a embroidery piece somewhere along the line.

shell bits for embroideryI really love the varying purples in these.  I’ll sit and stare at them a while and hope I come up with a plan.