Cretan Stitch Take a Stitch Tuesday

It’s after Easter.  Hope everyone had a happy one.  It seemed to come and go quickly and I was caught up in the rush of trying to get pretty eggs for everyone.  A bit sad. 

I did manage to make some hand dyed eggs and fill them with tiny m & m’s and petit florals though.  I think the family liked them.  No photos because I forgot to take them before I gave them away.  Never mind, they live on in my memory.  They are probably prettier there anyway.

 Instead we have a photo of an underwater embroidery piece that I’ve just completed for Take a Stitch Tuesday.  I had to redo the seahorse after my partner strolled in and said “Ahh… cute girafffe”.  I hope it looks like a seahorse now. 

 My sister really liked her Wine and Roses mitts and seemed particulalry pleased with the colour choice.  I do love it when I pick the right colours for someone.