This week I started a podcast so come along and visit.  It’s called Changelings Knit and Stitch.  I’ve submitted it to itunes and they’ve accepted it although it hasn’t appeared in their store yet.  But you can sign up to it from the show notes site : Changelings Knit and Stitch podcast So I welcome you to come and have a listen.  Hopefully it will appear on itumes soon too. 

 I’ve also been doing some knitting for my nephew.  Here are two hats and some booties/socks that I’ve knit from “Hot socks” by Sockenwolle.  They look a bit square-ish but that’s only because I’ve mounted them on plastic take-away containers for the photo.  I haven’t seen the baby yet but I’m sure someone would have told me if it had a square head.

booties and hats

 I didn’t use a pattern for the socks or the peaked hat.  I wanted to see if I had learned enough to work it out as I went.  The socks are just stocking stitch, and the peaked hat just a checkerboard  pattern in purl and knit stitch – but I think they turned out ok.  I am indebted to Lara from Math4knitters podcast,who made realise that increasing in eight sections on every other row would produce a circle. It also produces a peak if you start from the crown down and increase in quaters every other row until there are 16 stitches on the needle, and then continue in eights.  (That’s a rough description by the way)

The other hat was made roughly following a Debbie Bliss pattern.  However hers was done in garter stitch and had no pattern and was done as a flat piece that was seamed up the middle.  I knitted this in stocking stitch with some rows in garter stitch between which I put in some bobbles.  I needed to use her pattern to get an idea of when to decrease and by how much.  When I did the peaked one I basically increased evey other row until I had the desired amount and then just knitted round after round until I had the length. With this hat there is some more gradual shaping up the sides.   I’ll try this the next time I make a crown down one as it does give the sides a more rounded fit.  Perhaps it fits better on rounded heads, but, as the baby has a square head… Oh. No. That’s right, the baby doesn’t have a square head.