This will need heavy blocking!  Today I’m preposing that life feels like heavy blocking.  I feel like I’m being stretched into a shape that is not my original one!  Will it make me functional, like I expect this cushion to be?  Will it look ok if you don’t peer at the seams?  I don’t know… but I know one thing… this cushion cover needs HEAVY BLOCKING.Cuddle cushion

 It’s the cuddle cushion that I mentioned earlier; made from leftover yarn from mine and my partners’ jumpers.  I like the concept if not the execution.  I guess it looks ok.. or will look ok.  It’s a bit of a strange colour combination.  And the yarn doesn’t match entirely so washing will be a bit of a chore.  The brown yarn is %100 New Zealand Wool and the blue is an polymid/wool blend.  I didn’t have a pattern for this. I made it up as I went, I just really wanted to try mitred squares…so guess what?  I forgot to work out how the thing will close up at one end.  I might have to do an inside flap like a pillowcase if one of the edges turns out strong and neat enough.  Otherwise, a zipper maybe?  Let’s see how it really turns out.

 I’ve also completed the week 5 stitch from Take a Stitch Tuesday, Chevron Stitch.  I really liked this one.  I’m thinking of making it into something… what?  I wonder.

Chevron Stitch

I’ve submitted my podcast to itunes, as I think I mentioned before. It’s been accepted but it still hasn’t appeared in their directory.  You can subcribe to it from the show notes page.. but how will people know about the show notes page?  I’ve put it under the blogroll that to narcissistic?  It’s really not meant to be.  These places are just spaces for me to play. Hope everyone has a happy day.