Well here we have two experiemental projects that actually turned out ok (I think)

Here’s the finished “cuddle cushion” made of leftover wool from my husband’s and my jumpers’.  I had a blue jumper and he had a brown one.  Now they are joined – as one commenter said “interesting”.  

Growing up in my family, “interesting” was the word used to mean “I have no idea what that is/what you’re doing/what your weird sense of colour or style is – and I don’t like it – but  I don’t want to risk hurting your feelings by saying so”

Needless to say we all worked out what the word ‘interesting” actually meant before long.  And as a teenager I came to cling passionately onto that word to describe myself.  (It seemed a better word that “boring”, which was the alternative)

Here’s the front

 Cuddle cushion - front

 And here’s the back.

 cuddle cushion back

 Considering that I didn’t use a pattern for the knitting I’m pretty happy with it.  Plus – I didn’t have to go out and buy a cushion.

 And here’s the embroidery. 

 Blue woman  - cross stitch for TAST

It’s all in cross stitch. I made it for TAST.  It sort of grew as it went along , though I did have a sketch for it.  I would have preferred subtler shades of blue for some of the embroidery but I was using up my odds and ends.  

On an unrelated note:  The tree is off the house now – which is good.