I feel like I have to hurry up a bit on the TAST weeks, having spent so much time on  the cross – stitch week.  So here’s the next offering, Barred Chain Stitch.  I did a sort of Mr Squiggle on it. i.e. put a few lines in and then thought “hmm, Miss Jane, what could this be?”   Now I ask myself… Why does it have to be anything in particular? But here it is.

   barred chain stitch

I also tried Crochet, again.  I tried to learn it about a year ago without success.  I found that my hand cramped up really easily.  I was chatting to Marly from The Yarn Thing, on Skype, and she suggested holding the hook like a knife instead of a pencil.  I think I had tried it before but it seemed awkward.  But I persisted this time and it was more comfortable for my hand, even if the motion wasn’t as easy as the other had been.  Anyway I needed to use up some left over yarn from other projects.  I made a simple dishcloth first and then I made a simple little baby hat.  It is really simple but I’m quite proud of it as I made it up as I went and I like the little flower.  It sort of looks like a waterlily to me.  So I’m calling it the waterlily hat. 

waterlily hat