I’ve recently struggled with all sorts of blocks: writer’s block, podcaster’s block, embroiderer’s block….If they didn’t exist before, they do now.  At least in my own little head.  I haven’t had access to the computer for a while either.  My husband was home on holidays and took time out to “fix” it. 

Here is the up and down buttonhole stitch for TAST.  I actually had trouble with this one.  i couldn’t quite get the rhythm of it and kept on going up when I should be going down etc.  (Is that a life metaphor?)  So it’s a relatively simple sample.  But I did learn something new, and that’s always good.

 up and down buttonhole stitch

Whilst we had some time together my husband and I went on some day trips.  I thought I’d just include a couple of photos from the places on the coast that we visited.  Naturally, the photos don’t do it justice.

 We have lots of ships lining the coast from newcastle to Sydney at the moment.


And this is the beach at The Entrance