It feels like a long time since my last post and since my last TAST stitch – but I’ve had a lot on – kniting/embroidery-wise.  I knitted Dad a hat for Father’s day – and forgot to get a photo.  I went yarn shopping with Mum as I have promised to knit her Veronik Avery’s Threepenny Opera jumper, from Interweave knits.  We have been meaning to hunt for some yarn for a long time.  Neither of us are particularly flush so I thought I’d hit a jackpot when, 6 months ago, I found a reasonably LYS who said that I could put away the required number of balls and then buy a couple as I needed them.  A sort of extended lay-by/ “pay as you knit” system. 

I thought this was fantastic and finally got Mum to the store to choose some nice wool.  We found some that she really liked but when we went to the counter to discuss the purchase the lady looked horrified at the suggestion of “pay as you knit” and said that the system didn’t work for anyone and they hadn’t done that for years and that she didn’t know of anyone who did. 

 All I can say is…it would have worked for me.  As a result we weren’t able to purchase the yarn – there is no way we could  afford to pay for it all at once.  And so I guess it will be back to Lindcraft eventually – to pick up some cheaper yarn.  Not that I have a problem with cheaper, or indeed recycled yarn .  I had just wanted to make a special jumper for Mum and give her a choice of colours and types of yarn. So it was a little disapointing.  I do understand that it may not work for the yarn store in that, if you put a certain number of balls away and then don’t use them all the store may be left with one extra ball at the end of a season.  But then, does it work for the store that a  customer is excluded because they can’t afford to pay for the yarn all at the same time…but would be able to afford to pay for the yarn in installments?  I would have thought that $120 is $120, whether that be paid in one hit or in five. 

I think I just felt a little bad because of the horrified look on the woman’s face, it made me feel as though I wasn’t good enough to shop there.  A sort of “You seriously can’t be that poor that you have to budget for $120!” attitude.   Well, yes, I certainly can. 

I did finish my Column of leaves scarf , designed by Brooke, in the yarn I won from the Knitting Psycho’s podcast.  I really like it and I’m so glad I decided to make a scarf in sock yarn- it’s so light and warm.

Brooke’s column of leaves scarf

I’ve also worked on the TAST knotted Cretan Stitch. 

TAST - Knotted Cretan Stitch

 I didn’t try to make a cohesive piece as I sometimes do – I was just playing with the sitches.  I really like the way the sitch builds up when overlapped (see green strip on right).  I quite like using it to build up a net too – thought I think this could be done better if pre-planned a bit – I just did it on the fly.