Just to note – at this stage, if you happen to see 3 comments left on the pay it forward post and are thinking “oh..3 people have already signed up and I’ve missed out”…think again.. No-one’s signed up yet.

And as for my TAST projects…I’m steadily losing hope that I’ll ever catch up…but I’m still having fun with it and learning heaps anyway.  Which is the point, I think.  So I’ve been working on bonnet stitch, which is so sweetly named, don’t you think?   I quite liked this stitch , although I found it difficult to get the tension right so that the loop part of the stich stayed flat.  Nothing that a bit of vigorous ironing won’t fix, eh?  Well, actually, in some cases the ironing didn’t fix it, but I quite like the effect anyway.  So here it it is.

Bonnet Stitch, Tast project

I’m also working on the “Notre Dame” jumper, designed by Veronik Avery.  I love her designs, almost every time I stop to have another look at a design when flicking through Interweave Knits, it will be one of hers.

noter damn jumper

And I also plyed my first balls of spindle spun wool.  Now I know they are a bit uneven still.  But I think I’ll be able to knit a little scarf out of them.  And if that doesn’t work I can always felt it and make a knitted purse/wallet.

1st handspun