I’m thinking my brain must be unconsiously caught up with creating some really spectacular philosophical concept that prevents me from accomplishing ordinary tasks in ordinary time.  How else to explain why it takes me so long to complete one miniscule TAST stitch. 

But here we go.

Oyster Stitch TAST

It’s  Week 15’s Oyster stitch.  I think it would have turned out better if I’d planned it a little bit but I really liked playing with where to put the “arm” of the stitch and elongating the last part of the stitch so it sort of produces a stem.  I also have been playing with different weights of thread a bit lately – and I really love the perle cotton.

The other day a beautiful dragonfly decided to visit our house.  Before we “saved” him and put him outside to battle the birds, I took a photo.  He/she makes a beautiful drawing subject, I think.