Today I worked on TAST week 20 – Butterfly chain stitch.  It looks terrible.  I had an idea behind this, truly.  But it just didn’t pan out.  Perhaps it’s because I’m taking some drugs (prescription – don’t get worried)  that are making me really spacey today.    Perhaps they also affected my fine motor skills because I found it really difficult to line up the chain stitch in the right place whilst keeping the line it’s forming from one stitch to another taut.  And so I will be mightily glad to move on from this stitch.

About all I could do today was listen to one of my favourite podcasts, Stitch It, and wind a ball of wool on my home made nostepine i.e. a large knitting needle.  I do like this ball of wool though.  It’s spindle spun from two colours of merino top from Virginia Farm Woolworks.  It’s my first go at combining colours…I realise it’s not totally original but it was still fun. I have two more skeins to wind of about the same size.  It’s probably only enough for one scarf, but that’s ok, that’s alright, that’s fine…Ummmm do you see how spacey I am?  I don’t think there’s quite enough twist in this one.  I’ve been trying to ply a balanced yarn.  I am getting a bit better but it’s nowhere near perfect yet.  But it’s still fun, and that’s the main point of this, right?