Do you remember the story of “The little red engine that could”?  (That is to say that I remember it as being published under that title but can only find a link for “The little engine that could”.  Did my childhood brain seize upon the colour of the engine as being particularly important? Would it have been a different story had the little engine been coloured green?)

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ll remember, the little red engine puffed his way up the mountain side saying “I think I can. I think I  can”.  Then he reached the top and realised that he could.    Well, I’m still at the pushing myself up the side of a moutain stage.   As is evident by how slowly I’m getting through TAST and the quality – or lack thereof – of the most recent stitches.  I went back and looked at a few of my earlier ones and wondered what has happened.  A dark blot on my creative soul perhaps? And that’s my attempt at humour.  I’m not really that concerned about it…just one of those “work your way through it” things.  It will get better…and this IS embroidery we’re talking about, right?…not saving the earth!

So, in the interests of full disclosure…This is week 21 – Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.  I actually like bits of it.  The blue net – like section for example.  But as a whole…Nup – doesn’t work for me.  But then it’s only experimenting with the stitches…it doesn’t have to work as a whole.  Right?! I know it looks vaguely like a basket…it wasn’t intended to look like anything.

I think I can….I think I can… I think I can…..