There is a very cool new meeting place for stitchers called Stitching Fingers, started by Sharon B of Inaminute ago.  On there is a TAST group which I have joined.  They have suggested starting the TAST challenge over again for those of us who fell behind.  The thing is….do I want to start all over again as I am about half way through?  I’m about to start a new course too…so I’m going to have less time than I had before.  A quandry!  

I did some work with Satin Stitch; week 22. I didn’t like this.  Funny, because I’ve always liked the look of it.  Perhaps my fingers are not yet nimble enough.  And I couldn’t really work out how to extend its boundaries, aside from the juxtaposition of stitches worked in different directions.  How many threads you work with also definitely makes a difference in the smoothness of the stitch.  Hmmm, at least I learnt something.

Anyway…here’s the little samples:


I also finished the Branching out Scarf in my own spindle spun yarn.  Although the yarn is somewhat uneven it is very very soft and will be pretty nice to wear around my neck.  It is a great free pattern.  I didn’t find it particularly hard although it took a bit of concentration and I did need to refer to the chart.  It has lovely central decreases in it.  I love central decreases.


And that might be the last of my posted knitting projects for just a little while, as I now need to get moving on my Pay It Forward projects!  I don’t want to “post” them until I post them.  Although I could post about my progress on the “Threepenny Opera” jumper by Veronik Avery which I’m knitting for my Mum.  I’ve completed two swatches!  I can’t for the life of me find a link to a picture of it.  Naturally, the most common hits are for the Opera itself.