I’ve been hard at work with my new course. It’s probably the most difficult course I’ve ever done, or maybe I’m just finding it difficult at this time, having a few other challenges to deal with as well.  Somehow I have to come up with a storyline for a feature film based on a bit of writing I did one Sat night for the next day’s class.  A piece of writing borne from fear – I was too scared to use my original idea as the tutor had told me it would be “difficult”.  Well, the new idea is probably even more difficult because it’s not in any way fully formed.  And though it was a bit exciting to get into this course – I think I may be out of my league. My plan is to just plod along at this stage, and try to get used to the struggle.  This course is a huge lace knitting project, and I may have to rip back a few times.  I wish I knew how to insert a life line in it!

As usual, when faced with a difficulty, I’d rather be blissing out doing some crafty thing, although I haven’t had as much time to spend on such activities lately.    But I have finished the first of my Pay it forward gifts and have sent it, at long last,  to Andrea from Runicble Spoon.  (Thank you for being patient!) She’s recieved it and said she liked it so I am glad.  I knit her the Lace Ribbon Scarf designed by Veronik Avery and published on Knitty.  It is in a wool/silk blend 8ply.  Now I’m working on something for Cindy…it really is coming Cindy, I promise.


I also finished spinning up the silk/merino top I bought sometime last year – I love it!

On Friday I tried depserately to do a new podcast, but couldn’t work out some techinical difficulties with the sound.  I was trying to use my laptop instead of the old computer but I think the mic was picking up the very feint whirring sound of the laptop. I tired to record for about 4 hours and then gave up. I’ll try again another day – I’m sure after 4 hours my voice would have sounded so uptight and frustrated it would have been unpleasant to listen to anyway.

Ahh, win some, lose some.  I met a lady on the train a few years ago named “Winsome”.  Fantastic name, don’t you think?!