Let’s be dramatic, shall we?  At the moment I feel like I am gathering the frayed and moth eaten threads of my life together and bravely attempting to call it a stash.  And vainly hoping that it will transform into rich quality silks before my eyes. Yep folks, it’s been a rough ride lately and so I haven’t got a lot of crafty things done.  But I have done some, and today I’m being thankful for small mercies as my mother taught me.

So here’s what we have:

As ever, I am still plodding through the TAST stitches.  At this rate the second group running through it will catch up to me and I will be able to tag along with them and pretend that I was with them all the time.  (This is exactly what my best friend and I did in a school cross country race when we were in Year 8) 

Recently I finished Week no. 23 – Wheatear stitch.

 I enjoyed doing this. It was interesting to see how it could be adapted to make those little pointed petal flowers (The dots in red).  I seem to have lost a lot of dexterity lately though, so the stitches aren’t particularly even. This stitch did lend itself well to layering, which is an effect I am partial to.  I’ve been experimenting a bit with colouring the backgrounds.  I used crayola crayons to do this and roughly followed the instructions from giggleface studios.  The instructions are clear and work beautifully – thank you.

I’ve also been doing a little spinning with this gorgeous silk and merino fibre that I purchased last christmas at Kaboodle in Orange. 

The bag didn’t have a label on it so I don’t know who dyed it or where it came from, more’s the pity as I think I’d try to order some more.  I find spinning to be a particularly restful activity, and I’ve used it to clear my head when I’ve been trying to think creatively for my course.  Only time will tell if this has been an effective strategy or just another way to procrastinate.


I did some more jelly crystal dyeing – and have named this Hydrangea.   (Inventive, huh?) I quite like it, even though I don’t usually go in for pinks.


I’ve also been working on my Pay It Forward gift, and guess what?!  I ran out of yarn with only two rows to go…Back to the drawing board!