I had such a lot of things to do today.  I should have done more writing but I’ll be a little self congratulatory and pat myself on the back for getting the first 15 paqe draft done.  Now I only need to do another 10 or so drafts before handing it in next week!  I also managed to make a card for my husband today.  It’s his birthday tomorrow  and he is sweet enough to accept my handmade cards every year.  He keeps them too!  What a gem.

So here’s his card.

In case you couldn’t guess –  it’s a Frog Prince.
  • I also recently had a go at Week 24 of the TAST challenge – French Knots.  I’ve always liked these little suckers.  My Mum taught me how to do them when I was about 7 years old, though I remember her wrapping the thread around the needle at least twice.  I thought they would look good with some beads.  Y’know, round knots, round beads – makes sense to me.  So naturally I put some square beads in too.  I do like the knot that holds the round orange bead on, though I don’t think it would hold up to any hard knocks.
  • I also had a go at some weaving embroidery – I can’t remember what the actual stitch was called.   I’m really pleased with how this turned out and will probably turn it into a brooch.
I recently discovered how much I rely on my spindle to calm and focus me.  I finished spinning the last bit of fibre I had, (That gorgeous silk and merino I mentioned last post), and have felt quite unsettled since.
I think I must be the queen of understatement today – I’ve been driven half mad and have discovered that I often used to spin when I was thinking about what to write or what a character would do next, where the story would go, where I would go etc. etc.
 I decided to navajo ply it so that I could keep the colours fairly consistent.  I noticed that when I was spinning it the colours lost there vibrancy if they got too mixed up, and I so loved the colours in the fibre.  I’m pretty happy with what  I’ve done.  It’s my first attempt at working with multicoloured fibre. I think I’d like to keep this for a special jumper – I can imagine a fairly fitted black or charcoal jumper with this yarn making a wide yoke.
The colours are a little washed out here, but you get the idea.  I feel like I’ve made my own Noro!
Today’s happy news is that I’ve finished my PIF gift for Cindy and mangaged to track her down in Ravellry to get her address again – since I’d lost it.   No, I am not very reliable at the present moment.  But I’m happy that I will have this off to her shortly and I hope she likes it.  What is it?  Well, I won’t post it here until the post arrives over there…