I am astonished that I actually managed to write the first 15 pages of a screenplay that was due today.  I actually got it in!  I conquered a massive dose of writer’s block through working on it little by little.  I cannot attest to its quality, but right now I’m grateful to have anything at all.  The assignment we handed in was called a “first draft” – in actual fact it’s about a 9th draft for me.  We will need to re- write it from the feedback we get this weekend.  I don’t mind getting constructive feedback, as long as I have something that’s OK about it to hang on to.  We’ll see.

As a reward I gave myself some time to stitch this afternoon.  After completing some more mundane tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry,  I felt like working on a little long and short stitch flower.  I don’t know why I wanted to work on this – my last attempt at long and short was a disaster.  But my attempt today wasn’t too bad.

It isn’t finished yet, of course.  I’m not sure whether to put a bead in the centre, or a number of smaller beads, or french knots.  One question?  How does everyone else manage to increase the stitches in long and short stitch when the shape widens, or if you are fanning it out.  Do you stitch two stitches into the one below, or do you just sort of “feel it”.

I used a varigated thread for this and cut it into sections where the colour was darker or lighter, and then just used the same length of thread for the different sections.  So each section is not exactly the same – but I”m going with the “that makes it more natural” field of thought.  I know it’s not perfect, but believe me it’s a BIG improvement on the last attempt!