I spent the morning doing a redraft of my screenwriting project.  Feedback from the weekend was helpful but suggested that I have an inability to create characters that people can empathize with…..Hmmmmm, or is it just my mood?  My brain was pretty addled by about 2pm so I stopped and thought about going outside to do some chores.  But did you notice the weather today!  It’s been pouring down and feels like it’s back to Winter again.  What to do?  What to do? 

I stayed inside and made myself a pincushion.  I have not had a pincushion all this time.  My needles have been in a tin with a very weak magnet stuck to its lid.  It has worked OK, but I like the idea of having a pincushion. They seem so old-fashioned – in a good way.  Warm and comforting. 

I used scraps from a felted (or fulled) jumper to cut out two squares.  I embroidered one of them with simple stitches and then sewed the two sides together.  I used the method whereby you stitch the corner of one square to the middle of a side of the other square, and keep sewing around so that each corner of one square meets with the centre of a side of the other square.  It sort of starts to pucker as you go around mine created a donut shapped pincushion. I’ve seen material ones that have a more multifaceted effect.

Anyway…here it is.

As I was feeling Christmassy, due to the abundance of christmas decorations appearing premptively in the shops, I used green thread.  It keeps it simple and naive looking.   I used Stem stitch and buton hole stitch for the flowers.  A few lazy daisies.  Chain stitch for the inner boarder and Palestrina stitch for the outer boarder to cover the join.  I like it and it works!   Now…if only my writing could be so simple