I’ve been inspired by the papercutting blog called, conveniently, All About Papercutting.  It has some beautiful artworks on it.  Naturally I thought I might give it ago…because I really need another craft.   I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome.  I drew a picture myself and worked out the negative spaces I needed to cut out.  I bought myself a excel knife from our local cheap craft store and spent an hour paper cutting.  I must admit that I did find it absorbing.  You do have to concentrate in order not to cut into yourself or parts of the paper you still want.  I found I had to put quite a bit of pressure on the knife.  I’m not sure if this was because I was holding it at the wrong angle, or if the blade wasn’t particularly sharp.  I slipped up a couple of times but just sort of improvised around the mistake.  So…here it is.


I’ve also done another little flower to match the pink one.

 I wanted to see if I could actually repeat the long and short stitch and get it to look ok a second time.  I think it must look alright because when I was out the other day some older ladies came over to have a look and one, a long time embroider, said  enthusiastically  “Magnificent!”.  Now I’m not quite sure what was in their tea, but I’ll take it as it comes.  Particularly as I’m  finding the writing very difficult at the present moment….that is to say, I find it difficult to do when I’m not spending my time doing something else.