It appears that when I was stitching those long and short stitch flowers I was actually completing week 25 of TAST.   It must have entered into my subconscious.  I wish that would happen more often…say, with  the theory behind all of my writing course.  You know something funny?  I’d actually promised myself I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I just find this hysterical. 

For the past few weeks we’ve had lecturers from the school come to our classes to try and persuade us to apply for the courses offered next year.  i.e. to continue onwards.  Finally I thought,  “Ahh..why not give it a shot”.  So despite having only one day after the last assignment in which to prepare my application, I none the less did so, and handed it in.  While a friend and I were waiting for class to begin, one of the tutors came over to say “Hi”. She asked if either of us had applied, and when we confirmed that we had, she was very encouraging. Whilst she obviously could not say whether we would get in , she did indicate that ours had been a particularly strong group and that all the tutors were impressed with our work.  So…I was feeling less silly about having applied…

UNTIL…I got to class, where our other tutor said not to get our hopes up because they’d had hundreds of applicants for around 33 places and all the applications were of exceptionally high quality.  Keep in mind here that the application form does ask for a bibliography of published works and any awards that may have been won.   We’re talking published novelists here, people!  So from the sublime to the ridiculous, heh?

What was there to do but come home and do another TAST stitch.  Here we have Week 26  – Half chevron stitch. 



With a wobbly pink bottom.  I think I  placed the arm stitch coming off the spike a little too far over sometimes – but that would count as extending the boundaries of the stitch, no?