The last couple of years have been rather hellish for one reason or another.  But there have been joys along the way.  One constant joy is my partner.  I’m very lucky in that regard.  And as I sit and think about the year just past, I realise that another constant consolation has been making “things”.  It helps so much, doesn’t it?  With keeping the dark winds from entering in their full force…just a rattle every now and again.  I don’t mind a deep rich rattle, it’s hard to sleep in complete silence. 

And I think I am finally developing some patience.  I expected to get so much more done this year.  But I haven’t.  It’s a fairly simple equation.  I find that I take quite a long time to do things.  And I find that I like to do lots of things and that perhaps this is part of the reason for my plodding pace.  Perhaps…..

On that note …”Happy New Year”…. Yes, I know I’m late…but as we have just established,  my clock runs slower than everyone else’s.

I have completed two tiny squares of embroidery in the last couple of days.  The castle is really about my husband and I, together, in our own tiny world.  That’s the reason why it’s a tiny embroidery;).    imga0704

And the other square… well I just liked the colours and the mandala-like quality of it.  Stitching this was like a little meditation.



Not too long ago a spinning wheel came into my possession.  Did I mention that?  It’s on loan from my SIL and I am so delighted to have it.  It’s a fairly worn and creaky Ashford Traditional.  But I love it and hope that she doesn’t need it back for some time.  I must say that it’s easier to spin on a wheel than on a spindle…at least in my limited experience.

Just prior to getting the wheel I tried to spin a marled yarn on my spindle.  It was….quite difficult, to say the least.  I did manage it, though there are places where one colour shows up much more than the other, or ocassionally disapears altogether.  I think I need to practice a bit more before I try it again.  I would like to try it on the wheel next time and see if having two hands to control the two colours going into the single helps somewhat.  I plied it with a green single and I think this has evened out the look of it, though it’s still a pretty “funky” yarn.  (I’m going with funky, though I guess some might call it “fugly”).  I’m not sure what I’ll make out of it yet.  Perhaps a hat…or a little waistcoat?