It’s been a pretty good start to 2009.   It’s been fun.  The kind of fun that sees you trawling through baskets of fibre and yarn in the garage of Ecoyarns.   But how did we arrive at Ecoyarns when we are such a thrifty knitter?  Through having more fun.

Yes, a week or two ago I did something I hadn’t done for 10years or so.  I did an acting job.  And though I felt like I was facing my doom the night before, the actual job was lots of fun.  Very, Very low key, I might add…and cash in hand.  Which is where the extra bit of fun came in because it gave me some money for fibre.



Now doesn’t that look like fun?!

The white is 50gr of Polworth (and there’s 15ogrm more of it).  The shiny, creamy stuff next to it is seacell.  The shiny coloured stuff is sari silk.  The darker variagted stuff up the back is 100grm of Kareoke – soysilk and merino.   Now the post is entitled “watch this space”, becasue I think I’m actually going to spend time thinking about how to combine things.  Thoughtful spinning!

And last night I skeined up this:


It’s a 2 ply Merino/BFL.  My lovely new friend, Emily,  gave me some of this absolutely wonderful hand dyed BFL when she visited.  It was varigated roving in shades of greens, teals and browns.  I spun it on the spindle.  The I spun some very pale green merino on the wheel.  I plied both together and it’s produced a lovely yarn, I think.  At first I thought there would be enough of it to use in a “fake FairIsle” beret.  But now I think that there might be enough to use it by itself…maybe for a hat of some description.   I’m going to think long and hard about this one too, as it’s so lovely.