It’s been a little while since I posted but I have been doing things.


Firstly I’d like you to know that I have sent off the OWOH brooch to Clarissa.

Secondly…I’d like to let you know that Ninnie didn’t get back to me about winning the choker so I’ve had to choose another winner.  And that winner is  Rayna.

(If you happen to find this post Ninnie, and realise that you didn’t get my emails – I’d be happy to send you another brooch.)


because I was the very lucky winner of this lovely handmade brooch from Raf




 She has some very cool felted jewelleryimga07362

I apologise for the fuzzines of the picture.  The camera just wouldn’t seem to focus – we have a video camera that takes stills – but I don’t think they are as good as a purpose built digital camera. It was very exciting to get a package from Spain!

My dear friend Elizabeth, who is such a skilled and beautiful embroider and has the beautiful blog Quieter Moments, sent me this very generous package of material for me to work with. I had been complaining that I couldn’t find any gingham with which to try the chicken scratch stitch on.  So now I have that and a whole lot of other beautiful fabric.




I’ve  just about finished my Mum’s jumper and am waiting to get down to her so I can do a “fitting” – I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to knit some gussets for the sides, but other than that it should fit well – here’s hoping because I am longing to knit myself a jumper before winter comes.

I’ve been spinning up the Kareoke fibre I got from Eco Yarns.  The other day the owner asked me if it had turned muddy when I plied it.  It certainly seemed very dark but I don’t think it’s muddy.  When spinning I kept the colour changes as they appeared in one singles and did another lot where I made longer colour reapeats but pulling apart the tops into smaller sections so that I could spin colours as I wanted.   Then I plied both the singles together and this is what I got:


The green hasn’t showed up quite as well in the photos – it is a little more vibrant that this.  But I don’t think it’s muddy. She’s got me wondering about my spinning now 😉

I’ve also finally discovered a way to back some brooches efficiently and have them stay pretty stiff.  I was couching wire around them but it was taking forever.  Now I used some of that thick and stiff fabric stiffener to make a backing and then sew the embroidered part to that.  It’s still fiddly but is working much better.





I got some pastels for Christmas and have had lots of fun playing with them.  I am really quite fond of this dragon and the glowing fire orb he has almost expired on top of in his efforts to protect it.

 I have also been doing some knitting.  This is a little teacosy of my own design…I think of it like a campaign tent out a battlefield filed with knights…to go along with the dragon.