We had a lovely lazy morning, brunching on the balcony and patting our neighbour’s cat who seems to have adopted us as his second humans.  DH has to get his morning coffee and at present his machine is broken, so off we went to a local cafe’ where he got his caffine fix and I ordered a “chill out” herbal tea.  I did exactly that, sipping tea and embroidering some more chicken scratch samples.  Not a bad morning at all!



With this one I tried contrasting threads – the base thread “disapearing” into the background.



After the first attempt with the orange thread I felt like trying to create a more complex lacing pattern.  I have been so impressed with the balanced complexity that others have achieved – needless to say I’m still working on it.


With this I tried working on the diagonal and with some variagated thread.  I’ve been finding it difficult to achieve curves with this stitch – I’ve so admired the graceful lines that others have found in their patterns.