Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered that I sometimes use stitching and knitting as a diversionary tactic to stop myself thinking.  How did I discover this?  Well it seems that I’ve developed some kind of problem with my hand and arm that has made it very difficult to embroider and knit as much as I normally would.  Before you ask, No, I haven’t been to the doctor yet. I thought I’d let it fix itself.  Not such a good plan as it turns out.  I’m going to try and make an appointment for Friday. 

So I couldn’t do anything at all for about a week .  But I have been slowly reintroducing the crafts.  I have spun a little from the dyed alpaca.  It’s very soft and fluffy and only requires the lightest pressure to draft so I thought it wouldn’t hurt my hand too much. The colours are a little less grey.  Very soft blues and greens.  I think I’m going to make a lace scarf out of it…or a lace kerchief depending on how much yarn it makes. I think I’ll make it a 2 ply, although it’s tempting to navajo ply it so I can keep the colour intervals clear – it’s just not my favourite technique.



I found that knitting with larger needles was easier than with smaller ones.  My hand cramped up less.  So it was the perfect time to start the Sienna Cardigan with yarn from Wendy.   The yarn from Wendy was a generous gift, a thank you for my podcast, and it’s very much appreciated.  It’s taken me a litte while to find just the right project for it, and I had to finish my jumper for my Mum first.  I didn’t have quite enough for full sleeves, so I made it into a shorter sleeved jacket.  I like it very much and it’s perfect for the slightly breezy, cool but not cold, weather we’ve been having lately.  I also played around with the collar a little bit so it’s a little smaller than the original pattern.



Hubby took the photo’s and we both tried very hard to do the best interweave styling that we could manage.  I particularly like the hand on the collar shot 😉