It’s been slow going with the hand, so I’ve not been doing much stitching.  It’s funny how easily your fingers forget their stuff!  I’m longing to get back to it and produce something I really like again.

In the meantime I have finished off the Threepenny Pullover by Veronik Avery for my Mum.  The neck was a little wide for her when we tried it on so I stitched it up – about a centimetre each side – so it would fit better.  I think she liked it.  Unfortunately the only photo I got of it was when it was lying on a towel blocking away. But you get the idea.


And here’s the before photo..


Scary, huh?  Yes, that is the lump of knitting I cut off the end of the sleeves because it turned out they were way to long – despite measuring in the begining.   Ripping out from the begining of your knitting, rather than in reverse, is not that easy.  But it was worth it – the sleeves are a much better length. 

With the remaining yarn I’ve started a pair of matching socks for Mum.  Not that I expect her to wear both knitted pieces at the same time – that might look a bit naff. 


I’ve also been doing a bit of dyeing.  Dyeing is not hard on the wrists at all.  I used Kool Aid for the first time.  I read on Ravellry that the Brittish Sweets shop in Glebe sold Kool Aid.  When I went there about 6 months ago they only had the strawberry flavour in stock.  Strawberry actually seems to be an organge/pink colour rather than  the red/pink colour I was expecting.  I skeined up the yarn (patons’ superwash), dipped half into the dyepot, leaving the other half hanging over the edge of the pot.   I brought the dye bath to a simmer and watched as the yarn sucked up the dye really fast.  When there was still a little colour left in the water I flipped the ends in so that they would absorb a bit of colour.  So what I got was a kind of space-dyed effect.

hanging from a spoonstrawberry yarn

I’ve also finished spinning my sari silk/merino blend singles and have plyed the first one up.

sari silk green

I’m experimenting with how to blend the sari-silk and merino tops without a drum carder.  So far I’ve had best results with opening up a length of merino, laying down some sari silk, then folding it over and pulling lenths of it out and laying them back on top of one another.  Then drafting the whole lot out into a long length of fibre again.  Does any of that make sense?  Maybe I should do a step by step in photo’s.


I’ve had quite a few home grown lemons come my way recently.  Usually I preseve them but this time I decided to try out my grandmother’s recipe for Lemon Butter.  I’ve always loved lemon butter but always thought it must be tricky to make.  It’s not!  I felt very connected to my Nana as I read her handwriting and followed her instructions.  It turned out really well – and not a preservative in sight. Loads of sugar though.



I have also loved snowdrops since I was a little girl.  I was so pleased when some popped up in the garden the other day.  I had forgotten that I planted them.  I’m not a great photographer, but I was pleased with this photo.


Note:  those droplets of water are not artificially placed!