I have finished my Mum’s socks in time for her birthday.  In time and with days to spare! 


They are the Simply lovely Lace Socks by Karen Baumer from Interweave Knits , Spring 2006. This was a really easy knit and the 5ply Bendigo classic yarn knit up really quickly.  A great public transport knit.


I’ve also been doing some needle lace using the cordonet method – where you tack thread around an outline and then anchor your needle lace around the thread rather than into material.  Then you buttonhole around the thread outlines and lift it off the backing fabric.  It’s fiddly but fun.  I made a lovely rose inside a heart for my sister’s engagement card.  I forgot to take a photo of it so you’ll just have to trust me that it turned out quite well.

I practiced on this piece over the weekend.


My favourite piece of equipment when finishing this was my awl.  I used it to tease the blue thread outlines away from the buttonhole stitches and to neaten it up a bit.  I’m not sure if you can see properly in the second picture but it made a different to the centre (yellow) stitches. Please forgive the colours – the light was fading by the time I took this photo.


And here’smy lovely awl with the ergonomic grip handle.  I don’t have many tools that are  “ergonomic”  – but I think this one was worth getting.



I’ve also been doing some weaving from left over project yarns in my stash.  I really like the different coloured warp threads in this.  The pink 4ply baby yarn wasn’t really up to the job of being a warp thread.  It broke several times.  I also did some very dodgy weaving in the middle somewhere, and ended up with a really uneven and loose bit.  So I’m going to use this like I would fabric.  I’m going to cut it in three, weave the ends in and sew it together to make a cushion cover – that’s the plan anyway.  I’ve begun weaving the ends in and I’m really pleased with how this looks. 

weaving ends