I had a task to perform today and I started getting a little agitated about it,  so I calmed myself with some embroidery.   What better way to calm yourself than with a entirely new (to me) technique.   I saw a gorgeous project in  Stitch magazine – one of my favourites –  a while back.  It was of  some strawberries done in the Or Nue technique.  I couldn’t find my magazine but was pretty sure I’d committed the basics to memory.

I didn’t actually have the traditional “proper” goldwork thread or silks at hand, so I tried it out with some gold thread and varigated cotton.  I was pretty happy with the results.



In the close up you can see that using the twisted gold thread isn’t quite a match the smoothness of traditional Or Nue, but we’ll just call it texture.  I like the effect anyway.  In the instructions it suggested colouring the fabric under where you plan to stitch the coloured threads so that any background material will be camouflaged and blend with the picture.  I tried this with the right wing. I coloured the area underneath the coloured stitching with a closely matched crayon which I then ironed over with a piece of ktichen paper on top to soak up the wax.  (See this tut  from gigle face studios on tinting with crayon)   I’m not sure if you can notice any difference.  Maybe a subtle one?  I stitched a whipped chain stitch around the circle.  It evened  the circle up a little and provided a bit of coverage at the edges where the gold thread turns back on itself.


and with a little post production…

butterfly vignette 


I have to say that I really like it and will probably try this again sometime.  It may be some time before I work my way up to something like this though.