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I liked my little attempt at Or Nue so much that I tried it again.  I went into Morris and Sons to buy some “proper” gold thread to work with.  The two shop assistants  didn’t know the type of embroidery style that I was talking about, but fortunately their male counterpart did and explained the style to them.  I was very pleased about this as the other women looked at me as if I was a little bit daft when I said I was doing some “or nue” embroidery and would like some threads for it.  They thought I’d said that I was doing some “all new” embroidery and no doubt wondered why I needed their assitance to find the threads that surrounded me.

Anyway, apparently Morris and Sons doesn’t carry a large variety of  Goldwork threads and so they pointed me in the direction of  The Crewel Gobelin at Killara, (which I’ve been to many times but I’m always a little intimidated by the ladies who work there, mainly because they do seem like ladies and I feel like an common intruder who never spends enough money).   I was also warned that the threads that The Crewel Gobelin carry are very expensive as they are the real deal from England.

In the meantime I bought some Japan Thread, which the Morris and Son’s guy said he’d used succesfully for Or Nue.

So here’s my next little sample.  I quite like it.  The  apple is made using the new Japan Threads and the butterfly is the one mentioned in my last post which uses metallic thread.   Unfortunately there is a mistake in the top one  where the threads crossed in the middle of a row.  I didn’t realise it until after I’d finished. Damn!



And here’s a closer look at the apple.  I still need more practice at turning corners.  Even though I used tweezers the threads still didn’t lie down smoothly.   I used a spring tensioned hoop for this and I’m really wondering if it holds the material tight enough.  I’m thinking of returning to a bound bamboo screw hoop. 



I’ve also been doing some weaving on my, (oops  – I mean Vivian’s ) knitter’s loom.  I am really pleased with the way it’s going.  I’m getting better at keeping the edges straight and I’m having great fun experimenting with the way the colours blend.




On the left below you’ll see where I missed a warp thread….On the right you’ll see it magically disapear.  I’m not sure it’s “legal” but I used a needle to correct the mistake by weaving a bit of the same colour yarn over the weft thread as if it were the original warp thread.


IMGA0984      IMGA0985

…And talking about colour blending…

Today  Salihan, of Salihan Crafts, came to visit and we had a great day dyeing and embroidering.  Salihan had generously given some “chibola”  to the cause. (Chibola is like Kool Aid)   I had a huge ball of yarn left over from my Mum’s jumper which I wanted to overdye.  The original colour is a rusty orange, which Mum loves but which I could never imagine wearing.  I over dyed it with “strawberry” and “cherry” Chibola.   I think it may still need another strawberry Kool Aid dunking, as when I inspected it this morning there were still some orangey strands peeping through.  Salihan dyed a skein of 4 ply wool purple and pink with “grape” and “strawberry” chibola.  She might have a picture on her blog…

….and speaking of her blog…

Salihan has a lovely giveaway on at the moment. Visit her blog to win one of her crocheted pears.  They are really adorable.  They’re  amigarumi…but huge!   She’s also got a great online store where you can buy one too.    Go Salihan!