I am!  One of my favourite blogs,  Contemporary Embroidery, recently had a giveaway. I entered and won.  I was so suprised and delighted.  I really love Karen’s work and aesthetic.  It is fresh and …well…contemporary.    Thank you so much for your lovely gifts, Karen.

Here they are:

puff from karen

Gorgeous puffs!  In purple and green! Two of my favourite colours.  They also happen to be two of my sister’s favourite colours  – she has chosen them as theme colours for her wedding.  I may have to keep these lovelies out of sight or they may be snaffled up.

brooch and card from karen

A beautiful, delicate brooch.  I love it.   The picture can’t quite capture all the textural elements of this piece.  It’s really beautiful. I have a very classic black and white dress that I think this will really go with.   The brooch rests on two business size cards with images of some of Karen’s other work. 

postcards from karen

Some postcards featuring Karen’s work.  Isn’t it fantastic!  If you want to see more you can visit her blog or etsy shop.

I am tickled pink.  It was wonderful to find such beauty in the post today.


From the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say…here’s some of my stuff. 

I had a think today about why I haven’t kept up with the Take a Stitch Tuesday.  Not that I was ever really “on task” or on time with it.  But why did I stop where I did?  I think I may have been spooked by how poorly a couple of pieces turned out and consequently have taken a step back…or in my case, a running jump. 

Today I revisited the challenge.  I had to look up what stitch I was up to.  It was Bullion Stitch.  This is one of my favourite stitches – when it turns out.  It is also one of my least favourite stitches, especially, as I have discovered today, when using linen thread.  Linen thread just won’t pull through all those wraps smoothly.   Having said that, I’m quite pleased with the end result.  I did a whip stitch over an outline of small bullion stitches placed end to end.  I really like how the whiped stitch pulled the bullions , making them more like little coils.

bullion stitch

I used some of the printed fabric that Elizabeth of Quiter Moments sent me.  I’m trying to become more comfortable with integrating a pre existing design into my work.  

I’ve also been doing some spinning and have finished one bobbin full of blue merino and sari silk.  I’ve just started another bobbin and then I’ll two ply it, like the green one.

merino and sari silk blue


I have been in a fey mood recently.  Salihan recently came over and I helped her start a redwork piece. We had a really fun day and I think she’s going great guns with her embroidery.  I’d never done a redwork piece myself so, inspired by Salihan, I decided to try a tiny one.

fairy redwork

Can you see the fairy sitting on the toadstool?  I would like to try to redesign this a little so that there’s less fuss around where the fairy is.  It might be clearer then.  I would spend more time on the fairy’s face too…it looks like she has a really big nose!