I think this is the image I have of my teenage self.  My nose is smaller – but it’s really hard to get a fine nose over the fold in a journal.  My lips are thinner too…but it’s really hard to work fine lips with thick pastels.  Ahh…excuses, excuses.  I’m really enjoying playing with my pastels.  Gorgeous colours.   Of course I don’t look anything like this now!  (or do I?)


Please note that I do not have a big dark moley thing on my nose in real life – it’s just the hole where the book is bound.  Neither do I have flowers sprouting from my head.  But I used to wear them in my hair.  I also have teeth and a tongue in my mouth – not just a gaping black hole – though I do think my mouth opened in suprise at the world around me.

I’ve also been doing some work on my fairy images.  I like these designs better than the first.  The square one is done in linen thread so it’s a little bit knobbly.  I think I prefer the straight cotton for line drawings in embroidery, at least when the drawings are small. They are about the size of a 50 cent piece.



I like their golden wings.  I also like that they’re talking to the flowers.  My Mum always believed that plants grew better if you talked to them.