A few months ago I posted here about making lemon butter from an old handwritten recipe of my grandmother’s.    In the comments Just Gail asked if there was any chance of sharing the recipe.  I think there’s a chance of that…spread the lovely lemon butter around.

Nana's lemon butter recipe

Yes, that’s the recipe as written by my Nana.  There was some guesstimating around some of the words.  I think this is what it says:

LEMON CHEESE (or curd, or butter)


2 eggs

8 full tablespoons of sugar 

Juice of two lemons

lump of butter


Beat eggs and sugar well.  Add lemon juice and a  good lump of butter. Cook on slow heat until boiling, stirring all the time. 

I should let you know that I used far less sugar than Nana did and it still tasted fine.  I think I used about 5 tablespoons. So I’d say…add sugar to taste….

NB: Now some of you you have squinted at the actual hand written recipe will notice that the last word on the second line that begins with the letter  “M”, seems to be an ingredient.  I have no idea what it is so naturally I didn’t include it when I made the lemon butter.   Anyone have any ideas as to what it might be?  Whatever it is, the recipe worked well without it.

Likewise the handwritten recipe states that you should “add lemon juice and good lump of  “f.ing”.  I’ve no idea what Nana meant by this.  I could take a guess…. but I’ve taken it to mean “add lemon juice and a good lump of butter”.  The substitution of butter for “f.ing” worked well.   Fancy that!

I love Lemon butter on toast with a hot cup of tea to wash it down.  I made a cute little tea cosy today, as I was feeling nostalgic. 

tea tea cosy

tea pot cosy…just in case I forget what it’s for.