I taught for a while.  In writing reports we always tried to adhere to the sandwich method.  i.e start and end with a good comment and sandwich the “needs to improve” comment inbetween them.

I think I’ll use that method today.

First.  I am very happy with how my little embroidered Christmas tree turned out.  I stayed with the beads for this one as they were already on there,  (votes were split evenly between beads or no beads), made another one just like it and sewed it together  to make a stuffed Christmas tree decoration.  I edged it with Palestrina stitch.  I’m a big fan of palestrina stitch for edgings.

Second.  Dyeing? Much room for improvement.  I did try my hardest.  Iwas even consious of using blue and yellow to make green so that I wouldn’t be putting colours next to eachother that would bleed into one another to create a brown.

And yet.

So…maybe it doesn’t look that bad in the skein.

How about in the ball?


And…all knit up?

Well..it’s functional and it might be to somebody’s taste.  My DH said it was “unusual”.  I will admit that the cream background does nothing to highlight the colours.

Last. Thank goodness for lovely spinning.  Here’s the red/plumish sari silk and merino that I’ve finished plying up.  I really like this.