I had to get any Christmas knitting or crafting for my family done early this year.  We had our “Family Christmas” last saturday as DH and I are heading for the country to stay with his family for Christmas this year.  We swap families year about.

At the begining of last week I had nothing made.  I had not anticipated making anything for anyone as I thought that my darling Sister, the usual recipient of my handmade works of genius, might deserve a break this year.  But the fun started when I brought home a present for my one year old niece, only to realise that it was actually aimed at those who are 2+.  I could have taken it back but I just couldn’t face the toy store again, so I did what any rational crafter would do.  I decided to make her something age appropriate as well. 

I decided to make the Celestine Star.  It looked like an easy and fun knit, and one which could be adapted to any size needle or yarn – as long as you don’t care what size it turns out.  As this was going to be a child’s toy, not a tree topper, I didn’t care one bit.  I chose the yarn I had hand-dyed in a lovely varigated lavendar-purple,  and needles one size smaller than I would normally choose for the yarn (so that the stuffing didn’t peek through), and I began to knit.  I knit with my old metal needles that I found in a St Vinnie’s store.  I love the look of those needles, but they really do hurt my hands.  I’d forgotten that,  had I not found bamboo and wooden needles as quickly as I did, my knitting hobby may have been over after it’s first scarf.  But I didn’t have any double points in the right size. So I continued knitting through the agravation of my carpal tunnel. 

All was going well as I knit and watched the ball of yarn diminish, silently praying that it wouldn’t finish before I did.

I was lucky…

Almost!  I’m calling it a design feature.

On a roll now, I also decided to make my Mum, SIL and Sister a little tree decoration that I could use as a “bow” on their pressies.

My SIL decided she would use hers as a hair decoration and my Mum inadvertently threw hers away with the wrapping paper. (Though she did go through the bin the next day to rescue it)

They were made using the flower shaped clover yo yo maker.  For each one I sewed two “flowers” together with what is meant to be their “right” side facing.  Then I sewed a pearl button in the centre of each side and went back and forth from one button, through the middle of the flower, to the other button and pulled tight.  In this way the decorations puffed out a bit from the middle. Then I sewed on lengths of beads up underneath the petals.  All in all, quite easy.

My final project  I started and finished on our “Christmas Eve”;  a coffee cosy for my brother in some early handspun yarn, knit double thickness so I had some chance of actually getting it finished.

Since I knit it up by feel, not a pattern or even measurements of the coffee pot in sight, I was pretty pleased that the thing actually fit! 

So that’s it…no last minute knitted gifts for my husband’s family….unless….