I must have been unconscioulsy  Christmassy this season afterall! In December  I started working on the Star Camisole by Mari Lynn Patrick  from Designer Knitting – Spring/Summer 09, (or “Vogue  Knitting” as it published elsewhere).  I put the project down in order to finished my unplanned Christmas knitting and picked it up again in early January. 

 I really liked the way it turned out and the way it fits at the shoulders and back.  The yarn, Moda Vera – linen mode, is lovely against the skin but less than lovely to knit with.  It consists of lots of separate threads that split up very easily.  I still have 3 balls left and I think they may sit there for a while before I can bring myself to knit with it again.  But having said that – the result was worth it.   I liked the pattern too – and it was a pretty easy knit.  For some reason, perhaps because I was distracted by the stresses of Christmas, I did not notice that the yarn was aran weight.  The pattern called for Dk weight and so I did have to do a lot of tweaking to do as the yarn was in no way a comparable subsitute for the one used in the pattern.  I ended up ditching the pattern for the back and just made it up on the fly. 

 I used short rows to shape the back “neckline” and was pleased with the way it turned out.    It was a good knitting confidence booster – I can redesign patterns!  What do you know?!   I really needed a new Summer top – and for 1$ a ball on sale at Spotlight, this was a very thrifty knit.  Oh…it’s a two colour top simply because the yarn was 1$ a ball and there was not enough of one colour left in the sale bins. But I think the two blues work well together.