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A long time ago, before Lisa Swifka began organising the One World One Heart blog event, I was a little girl.  I was a little girl probably about the same time as you were a little girl.  At that time I had imagination and heart.  I could look at an empty paper bag…
and imagine a monster!
Then I could put that paper bag over my head and actually be a monster! (Back then Mother would have said I didn’t need a paper bag to be a monster)
I could throw an old sandy beach towel over a table…
and pretend it was my castle in the air…
…and back then I would have just used the first picture I drew, which was so much better than the sixth!  I would have understood that you brought your imagination into play too, and so my drawing didn’t have to be perfect.  I would have kicked that glass ceiling down, with my princess crown around my ankle –  should I have chosen to wear it that way, on that particular day.
I would have found a pearl in every shell…not just the oysters.
I expect that you were the same.  Were you not?   With this in mind I have decided to jump on board Lisa’s One World One Heart Magic Carpet ride and explore other blogs and lives of other creative people all over the world.  You might like to join me and in the process enter some lovely giveaways.
I will be giving away this handmade embroidered brooch that I have made.
All you have to do to is leave a comment on this post by midnight February 14th 2010.  I will do a random drawing for it at that time and announce the winner on February 15th.  Please make sure that your comment links back to a blog or email address so I can contact you if you win, and don’t forget to visit all the other blogs and giveaways.