I’ve been stuck at home because our car is having a long vacation at the mechanics – some extensive surgery is required and each day I ring they say another day is needed for recovery.  Now being stuck at home when you live by the sea is hardly a hardship. Each day I’ve walked and gazed at a new ocean.

  I have also discovered that I am far more productive when I can’t go out to the shops to buy food, to pay bills, to have a coffee, to “just get out of the house” etc.

I have really enjoyed working on my picture and am pretty pleased with it, though I know there’s a long way to go before my people actually look like people.  Still, I like it and it’s meaningful to me.

Over Christmas I treated myself and bought two weaving books in order to play a bit with the loom that Vivian has lent me. This is  esentially so that I can decide if I am interested enough to get a loom for myself.  The books I bought were “Weaving Made Easy” by Liz Gipson and” Woven Treasures” By Sarah Lamb. I’ve really enjoyed reading both of them.

“Woven Treasures”,  has some really interesting hand manipulation techniques in it.  (Listen to me using the jargon – I have no idea if that’s actually what they’re called!)  “Weaving Made Easy”  does help make weaving understandable.  I have started weaving a very light hounds tooth scarf, making sure that I beat very lightly.  I’m getting better at the selvedges. I need more work on consistent beating.  But I’m pretty happy with it so far.

I’ve also started knitting some socks for my Sister’s birthday pressie.  The car repairs are going to bleed us dry so it’s just as well I can knit something for her.   I hope she will like them.  They are the Annetrelac Socks by Sandy Beadle.  I’ve used Moda Vera Noir sock yarn,  in Laguna colourway.  Thanks to Salihan who picked it up for me at the last Spotlight sale.

The entrelac has been really fun to do, despite a few false starts where squares were knit back on themselves.