Recently my computer broke down and we had to send it away by courier to the warranty place.  It was scary to ship off this contraption to unknown people who would operate on it and return it without any contact.  Weird.  It also cut me off from contact with the virtual world of blogs and information.  Very, very weird.  It made me ponder how I ever got through a university course with just pens, paper and books.

But now the computer has returned to my life.  I did miss it and the lovely blogs I am subscribed to while it was away. Though I have to admit that life felt more delightfully ponderous, without it.  Without the constant interruption of email notifications and the slight anxiety that arises from not responding quickly enough,  I was calmer.  Without the myriad craft sites and blogs to read, I crafted.  I am happy to have it back though, but it’s good to remember that I can do without it and that friends will understand if I don’t get back to them immediately.  Also, that if life is feeling a little too connected I can unplug myself.

One of the things that I missed out on doing was saying a big “Thank you” to Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy for sending me her collaged tea caddy , which she offered as part of One World One Heart.  It arrived ages and ages ago but I have been unable to post about it until now.  Here it is sitting  very happily on my kitchen bench next to one of my favourite tea mugs.


I sent off my own OWOH prize ages ago too, but have yet to hear that it arrived safely.  Now that I have my computer back I can find the recipients address and email her….but I hesitate now – perhaps she’s simply been offline too 😉