I don’t seem to have had as much time for crafting lately – though there has been a fair bit of knitting on train journeys.  Just not much time for concentrated effort at home.  I will get back to it now though.

One night, when I was really tired and my eyes were blurry but I still had an urge to do something with my hands, I reached for some old plastic knitting needles I had thrifted from an op shop.  About a year ago I had read something on line about boiling them up, bending them and creating bracelets.  Indeed, I had seen one of these bracelets in a wonderful Jewllery store in Balmain called “The Punch Gallery”.  It was selling for about $40, I think.  (I KNOW!)

Anyway, I didn’t want a bangle but, having just finished a circular vest, I needed a shawl pin or closure of some sort.  So I boiled some water and began to submerge the kniting needles, one at a time, and play.  I tried to be careful of burns and initially used a teatowel and tongs to try and manipulate the plastic.  But I became impatient and ended up just quickly wiping the plastic needles dry and then twisting them around my fingers.  Did it hurt?  Umm…not much.

The needles do become quite flexible but I still managed to snap some.  I think it’s a good idea to have a few so you can experiment with the “feel” of them and get used to how far they will bend.   They need a longer time in the water if you are going to try to spiral them around your fingers, but less time if you’re creating large circle for a bangle.  Ocassionally one of the ends came of the needle as it was boiling, which was a shame as I like the old numbers on the needles.

So after a few minor burns and some plastic wrestling I ended up with….


Quite cute really and pretty functional.  I  added some beads to the end with Tarzan’s Grip Glue.  They are very light so I can wear them even on a lace shawl.  Though I’m not sure that they are stylistically a match for lace!