I have been working on the green embroidered bag for Vivian of Ecoyarns. (Thanks for your patience, Vivian).  I am quite pleased with how the design has turned out.  There have been some tricky bits though,  such as working close to the side seam or bottom of the bag – there’s not much room to manoeuvre there.  There have also been a couple of interesting manoeuvres that I’ve completed all by my little self – such as looping the thread around the handle on a return pass.   Tricky questions have also arisen as I’ve worked on this repeating design …when to cheat it so that more of the design appears to make the whole “feel” right, and when to stick to the “logical” and correct version of the repeat.  I’ve mostly fone with what “feels” right.   When I took the photo below I also realised that I’d missed a tricky leaf on one collumn.   Nearly done though. There are still some purple markings on it from the transfer pen, and of course it wil look better when washed and blocked out.

Time Count

I have tried to keep a time record for this.  I haven’t been as diligent as I would like.  But it’s taken about 6 mins per cirle and about 20 mins per collumn of leaves.  So that’s 14 more circles = 84 mins.  And 4 collums of leaves = 80mins. So that’s about another  2 hours and 45 mins, roughly.

Subtotal for this project so far: 6 hours and 25 mins.

And now for some tricky knitting…

I’ve been working on the Te Rosada jumper by Pam Allen.  I used two different handspun yarns for this.

The red is a merino/sari silk blend and the purple/green/blue one is  Kareoke soysilk and merino. I think they worked together really well  and the pattern was very forgiving as they are not exactly the same weight yarns – almost but not quite. I worked two row stripes.

 It’s a really simple pattern but I did find the measuring as you go quite tricky as the fabric stretches a fair bit.  I had to block it into shape quite a bit as you’ll see from the photo below. 

Both these arms are the same size!  They blocked beautifully – though they were too long for my little arms, even though I’d made them shorter than the pattern called for to compensate.  So I had to go back and chop them off, pick up stitches and redo the edging. 

 My DH, though commenting that the drop shoulders are not the most flattering style on me,  still agreed that it’s a nice jumper.  It’s really comfortable and light.  Good for this unseasonably warm Autumn we are having.