Yes, it’s been a while.  I’ve been ill with this flu bug that’s been going around, and around.   I have been doing some crafty things but  I couldn’t manipulate my brain to form complete sentences,  so  I decided not to post until it was  funtional once more.

I knitted a quick, easy and nicely fitting cowl for my Mum.  It’s the Abstract Leaves Cowl by Deb Mulder.  I was really pleased with the result. 

I used my merino and sari silk handspun.  I really like how this cowl stays around the neck without too much trouble.  I’m not overly fond of the ones that flop down to rest on the shoulders.

I’ve continued to work on the green embroidered bag, but with my flu-foggy brain forgot to keep a time score.  But I guess it’s another few hours.  I’ve almost finished the second side now too, so it’s almost done. 

I’ve also completed a pair of socks for me with the remainder of the sock yarn I used for my sister’s entrelac socks.  I just did plain ones this time.  I really liked slipping my sock clad feet into my boots last week when the weather was cold and rainy.  Most of my bought socks are cotton.  The handknit wool ones are so squishy.