I put in a 3 hour embroidery session a week ago so I could finish the green bag and start moving on to the next one.

Here it is…but hang on just a minute…what’s that in the corner?

A half buttonhole wheel! I had initially decided to divide the repeat of the pattern down the centre at each end of the panel…but then changed my mind after I’d completed it and realised that a more complete repeat would look better.   But this little buttonhole wheel got left out. Luckily I caught it as I photographed it.  It felt like a spelling mistake – one of the ones that you miss because you’ve read over the page you’ve written so many times that your brain just fills in the blank.

That’s better!

So the final total of hours spent on the bag?  9 and 1/2 hours.

I’ve also completed a Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood.  I really liked the pattern but had trouble reading the instructions when it came to the decreases at the crown.  Errata is available at Interweave, but I discoverd that after I worked on it.  Instead I let the knitting tell me what to do and I think it ended up ok – though I may have made some adjustments unawares.

It’s knitted from one of my first spindle spun yarns, which is why it’s a bit uneven.  I didn’t quite make it in regard to yarn meterage either. 

Which is why it has a complementary coloured top.

I’ve also been doing some spinning.  I have a huge bag of merino/silk roving to get through. It’s beautiful. 

 I’m spinning it fine and when I’m finished I’ll ply up some mini skeins to knit.  I’ll try a navajo ply, a 2 ply and a 3 ply from 3 diffent bobbins,  to see which one looks the best.  It will be interesting to see how each knits up.

I’ve also been knitting a top down cabled raglan by Stefanie Japel.  It’s my commuter knitting.  I’m on to the body now which is going pretty quickly. This is my first top down jumper and I’m enjoying it immensely.