Welcome to my little piece of blogland. It’s rejuvenation time!   It’s time to reconnect; with people, with fibre, with the artistic spirit…but primarily it’s time to have some fun.  If I had made New Year’s Resolutions those are some of the things I may have committed myself to.

But I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, however for the past couple of years I’ve participated in “One World One Heart “- a blogging event run  for bloggers by Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian , so I’m going in for the ride again.   You might like to join me and check out the list of bloggers participating and giving away unique door prizes on their equally unique and varied blogs.

My own blog is just a little expression of one part of me – it’s something that I do for fun and as a record of my arty/crafty explorations.  Not many people in real life know about this blog – it’s a secret that I share only with others who might be young-at-heart and non-judgemental.  For as I get older, (I can’t believe I’m considered middle – aged!), I seem to feel younger and somewhat more introverted.  The world seems larger and more complex and I am more interested in it’s workings, and the inner workings of its inhabitants.

I haven’t settled into the world yet. I’ve had a variety of jobs over the years ranging from actor to teacher, social worker to telephone cleaner.  (In case you didn’t know,  there are companies that hire out people to other companies for the express purpose of wiping down and disinfecting office telephones – I lasted about a week in that one).   As you can see I’m still searching for a job that values my special skill set!

In the meantime I craft, create  and write down stories

I have a couple of  items I’ve made as  door prizes for OWOH 2011

First up is this baby/toddlers/dolls  felted hat.

I  knitted it last year, from a pattern that I wrote myself.  I loved it but it just didn’t look right.  I decided to felt it, (or full it – to be more technically correct)  and I think it does work better as a child’s hat.  Now I don’t have children so I don’t know exact sizes but the circumference inside the brim where it would sit around the head is  around  38cm/15inches . It might also make a good dolls hat – for those among you who make art dolls and such. As it’s felt, you can cut it to make holes for ears and pigtails too.

Secondly, I’d like to offer this hand embroidered brooch. If you don’t wear brooches – it might look good as a badge on a hat or bag.

So all you have to do to be put in the drawing is leave a comment on this post with an email address or link back to your own blog – just some way that I can contact you.  You can leave a comment anytime up until 17th February midnight.   After that comments will close and I’ll do a drawing for the hat and brooch.  Please indicate in your comment if you don’t have a use for the hat  and I’ll just put you in the drawing for the brooch.

Best wishes and roamings through blogland.