My brain is soggy from a summer cold so you’ll have to forgive the very uninteresting title for this post.  I finished the 3rd bag for Vivian of Ecoyarns and have now posted it to her.  Vivian has been very patient with me and understanding about how long embroidery actually takes.

Each side of the bag is different but both are made using a snowflake template for some applique and then embellished with embroidery.

By snowflake template, (for anyone who never had a childhood where they made these in pre-school), I mean that I drew a circle on a piece of paper, cut it out and folded it along the centre to make a semi-circle, then folded it in half again, and again.  So that I ended up with a little cone shape.  From here you can cut various shapes along the edges, making sure that you leave some connecting folds. Open it up and you will have a pretty snowflake…or a pile of scrappy bits of paper if you’ve cut the connecting folds.

I cut out the material in the same manner, using the paper template folded into its cone shape as a guide for cutting the material.  I affixed the material to the bags with some iron-on double sided fuse. Then embroidered around the edges of each snowflake.  On the purple snowflake I used buttonhole stitches around the edges and on the red snowflake I couched down some gold thread along the boarders.  This didn’t seem quite enough, so I finished them off with some embroidery inside the shapes.

To me, the negative shapes formed by the red snowflake looked like a vase or urn, so I chose to fill them with foliage-like embroidery, using fern stitch.

The purple snowflake was obviously celestial, so I exaggerated the moon shape, and used a spider web star/wheel for the centre.

I wish I had a better camera for photos – still using the one on our video recorder – because they do look better in person.  Each appliqued shape is about the size of a dinner plate – because that’s what I drew my circle around!   I hope you like them Vivian.